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Tuckessee Chapter, Clarksville, TN. Chapter #4894 Est. - March 19, 1987


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This is your opportunity to give your input into things you would like to see the Chapter do! You can give us your feedback, your suggestions, your ideas of what the Chapter can do to IMPROVE your HOG experience and have more FUN!
And, you can do so ANONYMOUSLY! So, if you're a little shy about speaking up at a Chapter meeting and speaking out, let this be your opportunity to let us hear your voice! Even as Webmaster, I can not tell who is submitting these suggestions, so no need to worry about anyone thinking you and your suggestion are "dumb", or not worthy of consideration!
If you would like an answer, or return message about your suggestion, maybe it's a question you have and you would like an answer; just put your name and email address in the message and I'll be sure that someone responds to your question/suggestion.
Feel free to tell the Chapter Leadership anything that is on your mind about any subject, from ride suggestions, how we conduct our Chapter business, to events you might want to see the Chapter attend, or conduct. All we ask is that you stay "civil", (any harshly critical remarks will be striken), and that your suggestions be constructive.
I will forward ALL suggestions on to the appropriate Chapter Officer(s) for their consideration.


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