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Tuckessee Chapter, Clarksville, TN. Chapter #4894 Est. - March 19, 1987

A Note from our Sponsoring Dealer

Note from our Sponsoring Dealer
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This is what building a relationship between the Chapter and our Sponsoring Dealer is all about!

The following message came to us, (the Chapter), from our sponsoring dealer after an "Open House" event at which many of our Chapter members volunteered time to help out with parking, set up and clean up, and adding additional "staff" inside the store that day. For those of you who may not know it, Tia and Danny Suiter, are the owners and therefore, our sponsoring dealers, of Appleton's Harley-Davidson, so this commendation for our efforts that day, comes straight from the TOP!

Please - Please thank everyone from Danny and I. The success of the dealership events is always due to the great people whom work along with us. You guys are awesome and we are so grateful to have you.

Thank you!

Tia A. Suiter
TN State Board
BRC/SRC Instructor
Public Relations/Events Coordinator
Appleton Harley-Davidson
This is a demonstration of how we build a working relationship with our sponsoring dealership. We voluteer to help them when they need it, they appreciate our help, and in turn, they gladly offer their assistance in sponsoring our activities. If you ever wondered if the sponsoring dealer actually appreciated what we do for them, here's your proof, that they do!